Bobby Bey is an artist and music producer from South England, specialising in Hip-Hop, R&B and Rock music.

“I started out making beats and recording raps for fun when I was about 13-14. From there, I started studying all genres of music and began playing guitar and music became my obsession. On the journey that’s led me to where I am now, I’ve made beats for rappers, played guitar in bands, sung, MC’d and continued to make beats and write songs the whole time. I’m glad I am where I am now, because it’s given me the skillset to write, arrange, produce and mix for any kind of music.

I want to use this space to release my own music & consistently upload high quality instrumentals for rappers and MC’s. Beat making is a huge passion of mine and I’m now at the point of consistently creating professional quality products. On this page you’ll find a professional sound at an affordable price on lease if you are an up & coming artist, or available for an exclusive licence if you are a professional looking to own the rights to the beat for an upcoming project.”

Soulful swinging beat. Contains a sample of “I Just Want to Know (Before You Go)” by Inez Foxx

Rough Boom-Bap. Styles P throwing you off the roof type beat.